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Chocolate, Peanut Butter, & Banana Smoothie

Preparation Time: 5-8 minutes
Estimated Cost: $6.50 - $8.00


  • 1 average sized banana

  • ¾ cup of chocolate milk

  • 2 table spoons of peanut butter 

  • 1 cup of ice

* Nutella, almond butter, or similar alternatives can be used in place of peanut butter *


  • blender

  • measuring cups & spoons

  • knife


1.  Measure 6 ounces of chocolate milk into a liquid measure cup 
2.  Peel banana and cut half inch thick into chunks
3.  Scoop out two table spoons of peanut butter, add to blender 
4.  Add one cup of ice
5.  Add the 6oz. of chocolate milk
6.  Blend ingredients until everything is well combined and the mixture is smooth

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