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Cheese Omelet

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Estimated Cost: $5.00

Serving Size: 1


  • two eggs

  • two slices of cheese (shredded can also be used)

  • spices of your choice

  • butter or vegetable oil


  • mixing bowl

  • non-stick pan

  • spatula

  • fork


​1.  Crack two eggs into a bowl  
2.  Thoroughly beat egg whites and egg yolks with a fork 
3.  Put non-stick pan on stove top, turn stove top onto medium heat (if your pan is not non-stick, spray cooking oil or melt butter on your pan) 
4.  Pour the beaten eggs into the pan, swirl pan by the handle so the beaten eggs cover the full surface of the pan
5.  Put lid on pan, allow eggs to cook on medium heat for 1 minute   
6.  Remove lid, place two slices of cheese on one half of the omelet 
7.  Put lid on pan, allow eggs to cook on medium heat for 1-2minutes
8.  Remove lid, run a plastic spatula around the edges of the omelet 
9.  Use plastic spatula to flip the plain half of the omelet over top of the half with cheese 
10.  Using plastic spatula, fold the omelet in half again  
11.  Transfer omelet onto plate, turn off stove top 

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