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In the 1970s, the average cost of college tuition for a private university was about $1,832 a year. Today, that price has skyrocketed to $31,231, and that doesn't include room, board, books, and all the other miscellaneous expenses college students have to pay*. The ever increasing price of a college education means that students struggle to make ends-meet, such as affording food. More than a quarter of college students don't get enough food to eat, so for the community, we tasked ourselves with creating an online cookbook of easy, quick, affordable, and healthy meals that college students can make.

* Statistics were taken from

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Huskies Helping Huskies

You can help end student hunger on Bloomsburg University's campus. Click on the donate button to the left and your contribution will go to the BU Foundation. The money will then be used to purchase food to be given to students in need of it. Thank you in advance for your donation!

Students who do not have the resources or means to obtain food for meals may contact the Dean of Students Office for more information and instruction on receiving these services. 

Click the Husky for more info!

Attention Huskies!!

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